Compliance or management

As tax practitioners we often receive phone calls from people who think they have called SARS. While it is gratifying to know that our details occasionally come up ahead of SARS on searches, it presents us with both a challenge and an opportunity. Clearly these callers need help – can we or do we want to help them?  We have only recently confronted our own identity – who are we and what do we do.

We don’t do tax returns – or rather we don’t just do tax returns, we take care of your taxation.

The difference

Completing a tax return in the majority of cases is a matter of transferring numbers from financial statements to SARS’ e-filing. This we do, but before we do that, we review your affairs and consider whether these are efficient. We cover all the bases to make sure that if SARS decides to audit or review your return we have all the answers before SARS asks – our average turn around on SARS reviews and audits is less than 1 day!
If you have a company, we review the structure of your earnings in conjunction with those of the company and while it is difficult to assist retrospectively, we can and do advice on changes for the following tax year.
Almost every return filed is reviewed by a chartered accountant before being submitted – this is just part of our commitment to making sure our clients get the expert advice and pay the least tax.

Above all, we offer a turn key solution – we worry about your tax – when it should be filed, when it should be paid and can it be reduced. You focus on what you do best and leave the tax to us!